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    1. Research Building for Biodiversity FU/IGB Berlin

      Biodiversity Research Building FU/IGB Berlin

      The sculpturally modeled volumetry of the new building refers to the scale of its neighbors. Kinks in the facade make a welcoming gesture to the public space and accentuate the main entrance. The Y-shaped new building forms a green courtyard with the neighboring institute buildings.
      The building is divided into an office tract and a laboratory wing at right angles to it. Both are joinded by the top-lit hall with a curved staircase at its center. On the ground floor, the meeting area adjoins directly.
      The top floor is reserved for offices which can be converted into more laboratories in the future.
      The façade consists of green-colored precast concrete elements with various surface finishes.

      Joint science building for research on biodiversity for Freie Universität Berlin and the Leibniz-Institute for Fresh Water Ecology and Inland Fisheries at Königin-Luise-Straße in Berlin-Dahlem

      Laboratories S2, offices, conference

      Restricted competition 2017, 2nd prize

      Client: Forschungsverbund Berlin

      Fire protection: Peter Stanek, Berlin
      Collaborators: Onur Özdemir, Simon Stahnke, Maria Marques de Castro
      Model: Maquette Berlin

    2. Miltenberg Elementary School
    3. Regensburg Quarter Nuremberg
    4. Visitors Center of the German Bundestag Berlin
    5. Johanniterzentrum Andreasgärten Erfurt
    6. ILB Potsdam
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